5 Common Electric Range Problems

Question 1: Why won’t my electric range turn on?

Answer 1: First, check to make sure that the range is not in self-cleaning mode. You will not be able to turn on the oven with this feature running. If that’s not the problem, check the fuse-box or circuit breakers, and then the wiring at the terminal in the back of the range. You can test the voltage at the outlet with an appropriate voltmeter.

Question 2: Why won’t my surface burner warm up?

Answer 2: Many times a surface burner element can burn out. Look for obvious signs such as breaks or bubbles on the surface, loose or corroded wire connections, and test the elements for continuity. Sometimes the element receptacle or the element ends can get burned out or loose, causing a poor connection or no connection. If this is happening, you should turn the power supply off, and remove the element to inspect the plugs and receptacle. If you see burn marks or corrosion, it’s time to replace the bad part. You can also check the terminal ends by lifting them out and looking to see if they got bent and have lost connection. Straighten the ends and re-seat the element if it had bent ends.

Question 3: Why is the oven too hot on the outside to touch?

Answer 3: It’s normal for ovens to get pretty warm on the outside during use. Sometimes the front door can get too hot to touch. If the door seal is faulty, heat can escape from the oven and cause excessive overheating. Replace the door seal, or call a professional appliance repair person.
Many ovens have a door lock that will prevent you from opening the oven during the self-cleaning cycle. Sometimes you have to actually flip the lock into place to activate the self-cleaning cycle. During self-cleaning, the air inside is super-heated from 750F – 1,000F in order to burn off any food particles or greases in the oven. If you open the oven door during this time, you can get burned very seriously.

Question 4: Why does my oven smoke so much when I broil foods?

Answer 4: It is possible that your oven has accumulated a buildup of grease that is now burning off. Another reason could be that the broiler pan is upside down and enabling the grease drippings to burn up from the broiler. You should also make sure to give the meat enough clearance from the flames.

Question 5: Is it normal for my range to make a noise when I use the oven?

Answer 5: As metal heats, it expands; as it cools, it contracts. It is normal to hear sounds like pings or dings as this occurs.

3 thoughts on “5 Common Electric Range Problems

  1. Our electric range trips out when the oven is in use and simutaneously there are 3 or more burners on the range top in use. is this normal? what could be the things to look for? We are going to put in a new circuit breaker, but then what?

  2. Hi Joe,

    You can try our Electric Range Common Repair Problems and Answers here.

    Looking over the pages briefly, I see something about the opposite problem you are having (oven turning off when burners are in use). However, that might give you some good insight into some things you could check out.

    You can also order any electric range parts you need online. We offer same day shipping for all in-stock parts and you can have the part you need in one day, so you can make your repair quickly.

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