5 Common Gas Range Problems

Question 1: Why doesn’t my Gas Range work at all?

Answer 1: Check to see whether or not there’s power to the range. Is the gas on at your range? Are the pilot flames lit? Not all gas ranges require electrical power. If your range uses electronic components such as: a clock, electronic igniter, self-cleaning, or other electronic features, the unit needs electricity to function correctly. If your range has electronic components, do any of them turn on? If they don’t, you want to check your fuse box or circuit breaker panel.

Question 2: Why is there a red glow in my oven, but it isn’t heating? 

Answer 2: If you have a glow-bar ignition system, the glow-bar may be old and going bad. It will still glow, but not hot enough to open the gas safety valve. This is a safety feature that ensures there won’t be any gas available if it won’t ignite for sure. Try replacing the igniter. It’s a relatively cheap part to replace.

Question 3: Why is the oven temperature incorrect?

Answer 3: The oven temperature control is usually controlled by a thermostat that uses a capillary and liquid filled bulb. When the bulb’s liquid gets heated up, it expands and puts pressure on a diaphragm which opens and closes a switch that controls the gas to the burner. Just set the dial to what you need the temperature to be. Over time, it is possible for your thermostat to lose its calibration. Sometimes, the thermostat sensing bulb comes loose from the holder. If it is out of place, the thermostat may be getting faulty readings. If this is the problem, re-aligning the bulb properly will take care of this problem.

Digital display models use a sensor to control temperature. If this is faulty, replace it. Other ovens use a mechanical system to control the temperature.

On many models, you can adjust your oven thermostat using a small screwdriver. The adjusting screw is located on the thermostat valve stem. Remove the knob and you’ll see the screw underneath it. You want to turn the oven on and run it through at least two cycles while watching a calibrating thermometer in the oven for high and low temperatures. Adjust the screw as necessary to fine tune the temperature.

Some models don’t have an adjustable thermostat, and you will have to replace the thermostat if you want to resolve the problem.

Question 4: Why doesn’t the burner work?

Answer 4: Make sure you have turned the knob to the light position first. Then turn the knob to the desired heat setting after you have a flame. If you have recently cleaned your range, are you sure everything is dry? Moisture may prevent the electric ignition from working properly. If you hear clicking when the burner is supposed to be off, make sure the knob is turned all the way to off, and that the knob has popped out.

Range burners are round and have small holes evenly placed around their perimeter. These holes allow gas to flow out and create a controlled flame when lit. Sometimes the gas orifices get plugged and the gas can’t get through to be ignited. The trick is to clean them without making the holes any bigger. You need to clean the burners thoroughly. Many people use a toothpick, old toothbrush, or a small pin to clear the holes, allowing the gas to flow freely. If, after cleaning the burners, they still don’t light, you should call a professional appliance repair person.

Sometimes ranges have different size burners on them. If you have recently cleaned the burners, it is possible you put a small burner cap on the large burner, or vice versa. Double check to make sure this isn’t the problem, and make sure they are seated properly.

Question 5: Why does my oven smoke so much when I broil foods?

Answer 5: It is possible that your oven has accumulated a buildup of grease that is now burning off. Another reason could be that the broiler pan is upside down and enabling the grease drippings to burn up from the broiler. You should also make sure to give the meat enough clearance from the flames.


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7 thoughts on “5 Common Gas Range Problems

  1. hi there
    i hv a GE gas stove, the right hand side only works.
    when i turned the left side to lite it will not spark and light the left burners but it will spark and try to light the right side burners. its jumping sides.
    Here’s the strange thing my last gas range that i just bought (USED) did the very same thing. it’s 10 or 12 years old. this new one (GE) is maybe 3 or 4 years old.
    ok thanks ,,,,,,,,Dean

    • Hi Dean,

      I am stumped by this, esp. the part where you mentioned you had this problem before with your older gas stove.

      Your best bet would be to consult the advice of as many appliance techs as possible, which would be the
      APWagner Appliance Repair Message Board.

      This link takes you right to the Gas oven, stove, range message board.


      You have to sign up for an account (free) in order to post your question (also free.)

  2. Greetings,

    First time here. I have a problem. My kids thought it would be a good idea if they opened the gas oven door and sit on it. My wife texts me in class and tells me that the oven no longer works. According to her, the gas range nearly tips over. The kids are fine, but the range isn’t. The problem we are having is that all the eyes on the stovetop are working correctly, but the oven isn’t. When I went to re-light the the pilot, there was no gas coming out. A co-worker mentioned something regarding realigning? I don’t know. Please help. – Eric

  3. First time on this site and it is really informative. I am having an issue with my Americana Brand gas range. All of the burners ignite and turn on without a problem. There seems to be a lingering gas smell once Im done using it that eventually subsides(unless Im just getting used to it). The part that really puzzles me is when I go to clean the burner grates(while the range is cold) and the back burners seem to stay a little hot, the grates feel warm when I pick them up. Thank you in advance

  4. My gas range doent lite unless I fan it with my dish cloth or blow on it. when it does lite it take forever to boil water .and the power burner takes even more time. what could be wrong ??

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