5 Common Hot Water Dispenser Problems

Hot Water Dispenser

Question 1: Why is there no hot water?

Answer 1: Check to make sure the unit has power. Hot water dispensers usually run off of 110V outlets. To verify power to the unit, you can plug in a different appliance, such as a hair dryer. If you have no power, check the fuse or circuit breaker.
On many hot water dispensers, there is an overload safety switch. Other models may have an internal fuse that may have blown. To reset an overload switch, simply push it in. Wait 15-20 minutes and check to see if you have hot water. If you have your hot water dispenser plugged in to an outlet, make sure that if the outlet is operated by a switch, that the switch is in the ON position. Perhaps your cold water is still getting heated. Turn the thermostat to the Maximum heat position.
Occasionally, the heating element will burn out. Some models have replaceable heating elements. Check your owner’s manual to see if yours is one of them.

Question 2: Why is the water too hot?

Answer 2: When a hot water dispenser is first installed, it may be set to a certain temperature. It initially boils the water, then maintains it at the set temperature. If you want yours hotter or cooler, you can sometimes adjust this setting with a thermostat.

Question 3: Why does it constantly sound like the water is boiling?

Answer 3: The hot water dispenser will usually boil the water first, and then maintain the temperature at the set point of the thermostat. The altitude at which you live helps determine the air pressure. Low air pressure leads to a lower boiling point for water. Are you in an area of high elevation? If you think the water is boiling, you can lower the thermostat settings on many models.

Question 4: Why is the faucet leaking?

Answer 4: As water heats up, it increases in volume by expansion. Sometimes a faucet will drip from the excess pressure. A little may be normal, but if there’s a lot, there’s a problem. Determine exactly where it’s leaking from and proceed from there. Sometimes the water valve packing can go bad or washers can wear out.

Question 5: Why does my water taste bad?

Answer 5: If your water tastes bad, verify that your water supply line is attached to the cold water supply, not the hot water supply. You may want to add a water filtration system to the supply. Sometimes, if you haven’t used the dispenser in several days, three days or more, you will want to purge the system of old water. Hold open the cap for two or three minutes to purge the old water from the tank. Allow it to heat up to the desired temperature, and dispense again. The bad taste should be gone if that was the problem.

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