5 Common Humidifier Problems


Question 1: Why doesn’t my humidifier work at all?

 Answer 1: A humidifier’s main control feature is a humidistat. If it’s not functioning properly, it won’t let your humidifier work. Other problems could include a valve, motor, or transformer. Whenever your furnace or air conditioning unit is running, your humidifier should run as well. Most humidifiers work by evaporation.

 Question 2: Why does my humidifier leak?

 Answer 2: Your household water supply feeds the humidifier. Yours may have a reservoir or use a continuous flow system. Check the water connections and valves for leaks. Reservoir systems use a float ball to control the level of water in the holding tank. Make sure the float is working properly. If your humidifier is a continuous flow set-up,you want to make sure that all the hoses, valves, and tubing are connected tightly. Plastic fittings and hoses have a tendency to break down over time. You will also want to make sure that the filter and drain lines aren’t clogged or kinked in any way. Due to expansion from heat, and contraction from cold, sometimes fittings become loose. Put a wrench on and snug the connections to make sure they are all tight.

 Question 3: Why is my humidifier so noisy?

 Answer 3: When a humidifier is operating, it is going to make some sounds. You might hear water gurgling or sloshing around, and that’s normal. You may hear the fan spinning through the air, or hear the hum from the fan motor. Even the solenoid valve makes normal sounds. There’s not a lot to do to fix this problem, unless it gets so noisy that you want to replace the parts.

Question 4: Why is there no water going through the flow pad?

Answer 4: Check the water inlet valve, and any hoses or tubing for kinks. Test the water inlet valve coil for continuity. If you have a clogged valve, you may be able to clean it out. It is also possible for the humidistat to burn out.

Question 5: Why doesn’t the pad spin?

Answer 5: The water pad normally gets turned through the water reservoir by a small electric motor. Sometimes this motor can burn out. If the furnace blower is on, and the humidistat is calling for more water, and the motor doesn’t spin, it’s time to replace this motor.

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