5 Common Trash Compactor Problems

Trash Compactor

Question 1. Why doesn’t my trash compactor work?

Answer 1: Check to make sure the unit has power. Trash compactors usually run off of 110V outlets. To verify power, plug in a different appliance, such as a hair dryer. If you have no power, check the fuse, GFCI, or circuit breaker.

The ground fault circuit interrupter is a safety plug that is used for the power supply to many appliances these days. This is like a mini-circuit breaker that’s built into the outlet. A little switch pops out if the electrical demand is too high. Just push the Reset button back in. It’s located in the middle of the outlet.

Make sure the drawer is completely closed. There are micro-switches that sense if the drawer is closed or not. The compactor will not work if the door isn’t closed all the way.

Verify that the Key Lock Switch is turned all the way to Start.

Some models of compactor need you to press On before pressing Start.

Question 2: Why won’t the drawer open or close?

Answer 2: f the ram is not all the way up, the compactor door will not open. Make sure that it has returned to the top before trying to open the door.

As with any appliance, keeping it clean is important. As you use your compactor, garbage and other things can build up in the tracks, guides, rollers, and wheels. Periodically clean these items making sure that the power is disconnected! If a roller or wheel is damaged, replace it as soon as possible.

Question 3: Why is my trash compactor so noisy?

Answer 3: You hear noise from the unit because a motor is running, and operating a ram that is driven by a belt or by gears. You may also hear the trash getting compacted.

Question 4: Why is my trash compactor so smelly?

Answer 4: Sometimes scraps of food waste and other biodegradable items spill out of the drawer or bag into the track or sticks to the ram. After awhile, these items can start to stink. The key is to keep the compactor clean. Periodically use either household cleaners or specialty cleaners to clean all accessible areas of the compactor. Pine Power Cleaner is a great way to leave your kitchen and compactor clean and shiny. For a nice pleasant scent, use Smells BeGone Citrus for a 100% natural and energizing clean scent, or Berry-Scented Odor Remover in a handy jar that you can open and close as necessary.

Question 5: What’s the best way to clean my trash compactor?

Answer 5: The best way to clean your compactor is to start with the outside. For a compactor with an outside finish of stainless steel, you can use Stainless Steel Magic Spray, Stainless Steel Cleaner, or Mean Green Cleaner and Degreaser. For other surfaces you may want to use Microbryte Appliance Cleaner. You should wear rubber gloves when cleaning the compactor, especially the inside areas as bits of broken glass or sharp edges of metal parts can cause nasty cuts. If you are going to remove the drawer to clean the track and rollers, make sure you look how it comes out so that you can easily replace it. You can use a Shopvac to vacuum the inside area of the cabinet. Make sure to wipe all surfaces dry.

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