Scratch-B-Gone SBG1

Scratch B Gone

Don’t replace that scratched stainless steel sink or appliance! But don’t settle for those unsightly scratches, discolorations, and rust on your stainless steel appliances, sinks, or BBQ grill, either!
If you can follow a straight line, you can remove those scratches and stains in minutes with Scratch-B-Gone.
Scratch-B-Gone is your first aid kit for stainless steel, and is recommended or used by many major manufacturers of stainless steel appliances.

  • Scratch-B-Gone restores the original finish of scratched, stained, heat scorched or rusted stainless steel.
  • Scratch-B-Gone’s Ultra Shine™ provides a protective coating to applied surfaces to reduce staining and rust.
  • Now, there is no need to refinish an entire appliance or surface-with Scratch-B-Gone, just touch up where the scratches are! Newly repaired areas quickly blend in with the surrounding surface.
  • Quickly removes heat scorch discoloration from ranges and BBQ grill hoods.
  • Can be used safely on all brushed grain finishes of Stainless steel.
  • Scratch-B-Gone is the only product available for the safe refinishing of appliances, grills and sinks.

Get your Scratch-B-Gone Here at APWagner!

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