Maytag PuriCleanII Water Filter

Make sure your water is clean this summer!

Maytag PuriClean II Refrigerator Water Filter Cartridge UKF8001AXX for Maytag, Amana, and Kenmore is a long, thin cartridge that comes down from the refrigerator ceiling.

Removes 99.35% of Lead, 98.72% of Mercury, 99.99% of Asbestos, 99.99% of Cysts, 76.99% of Atrazine, 98.72% of Lindane, 92.97% of Toxaphene, 97.26% of Chlorine, 97.09% of Turbidity, and more than 98.68% of Particulates(Class I).

You can find it here at APWagner!

If you need a different water filter, Click Here!

One thought on “Maytag PuriCleanII Water Filter

  1. Water filters sure have come a long ways over the years and as usual Maytag is still the top of the line when it comes to innovations.

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