New AP Wagner store to open in Kenilworth, New Jersey

In addition to our online appliance parts business, AP Wager also operates brick-and-mortar stores. We will soon have a new store in Kenilworth, New Jersey. Details will be forthcoming on the News and Press Release section of our website.

I am told this store will be larger and so we will be able to carry more appliance parts at one location. It will also be located in a shopping plaza, so there will be lots of free parking in a well-lit area. The location will be right off the New Jersey turn pike.

if you live in the New Jersey area (or anywhere else for that matter), you do not have to drive to a store to get your appliance parts, you can order them online at We stock an abundance of appliance parts in centrally-located warehouses that allow for one-day delivery of parts for your refrigerator, stove, and clothes washers. We even carry replacement parts and accessories for air conditioners, air purifiers, mixers and more.

We know that finding the correct appliance part might be tricky, that is why our website offers live, one-on-one online help via chat. You can sit at your computer and ask questions about finding the correct appliance part before you place your order.

You can also call us toll free at 1-888-279-2463, to talk to an actual APWagner appliance parts specialist and not someone untrained in appliance parts.

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