How do you find the correct part for your appliance?

Get help finding the correct part for your appliance part. Photo Source: stock.xchng/

Finding the correct part for your appliance can seem daunting. Here are some easy tips to help you. First, find the model number of your appliance. This is on a stamped piece of metal or sticker somewhere on your appliance.

To locate it, use this page as a guide on where to look for your model number on your appliance.

Your appliance model numbers can be made up of numbers or a combination of both letters and numbers. Be sure to copy down the number in FULL. Since this can be a long number, take care and double check it against the tag on the appliance.

If you have your owner’s manual, why not just get the model number off of that? The reason you do not want to do this is because sometimes the manual is used with several different models of appliances, that is why it is VERY IMPORTNANT to get the model number directly off of the appliance itself.

After finding, copying and double checking the model number of your appliance, visit and use the Part Finder to find the part or parts you need for your appliance. Enter your model number in the text box where it says “Do you know the model number of your appliance?”

Some other tips to keep in mind (don’t worry, these tips will be repeated on the results page once you conduct a model number search.)

  • Try entering only the first four or five characters of your model number.
  • Eliminate dashes, periods, slashes and other special characters from your search.
  • Make sure you get the model number off the appliance itself and NOT your owner’s manual. The model number on your appliance contains information in the model number that is specific to the appliance you own, including color. You may own a model that was produced in different series. Therefore, to insure that you are buying the correct part, always go by the model number found on your appliance.
  • Zeroes and the letter “O” are sometimes difficult to tell apart. Replace any “O”s with zero or do the reverse in order to change your search results.
  • Try using zero instead of a dash.

Using the model number on the website, you will be present with a list of the correct parts for your appliance.

The model number will lead you to a list of the correct parts you need in order to repair your electric stove, repair your refrigerator, repair your washer or repair your clothes dryer. sells New, OEM Appliance parts for air conditioners, refrigerators, electric and gas stoves, washers and more.

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