Get your kitchen ready for Thanksgiving.

Make sure your kitchen is ready for Thanksgiving with these helpful tips.
Make sure your kitchen is ready for Thanksgiving with these helpful tips. Photo Source: stock.xchng/

Even though it is months away, be sure your kitchen is ready for a marathon day of cooking and entertaining.

  • Replace broken refrigerator door bars and broken shelves.
  • Replace missing stove knobs, replace stove drip pans
  • Make sure your oven and stove are working properly. See our Repair Center guide for any problems you are having with your gas or electric stove. Order any parts you need for your electric or gas stove now; don’t wait last minute to make repairs!
  • Sharpen your knives. If you do not own a tool for proper sharpening, a kitchen shop or hardware supply store can sometimes provide this service.
  • Make sure you have a good oven thermometer to make sure foods are properly cooked.
  • Be sure to replace/change your water filter. Good cooking starts with clean, great-tasting water.
  • Breakout the mixers and food processors. Make sure you have all the mixer and food processors parts you need in order to make those great Thanksgiving Day dishes. If you are missing a mixer or food processors part, order your missing part online. You can even order specialty parts online like Sausage Stuffer Attachment Part, and Fruit & Vegetable Strainer Parts.
  • Make sure you have enough bowls, serving bowls, cutting boards (use separate ones for vegetables and poultry) measuring spoons, and cups.

If you need any parts for your kitchen appliances, visit now to order parts online. Don’t wait, repairs take time. Preparation is the key to having a successful and relaxing holiday.

Below are some excellent websites with other tips and tricks for preparing for Thanksgiving Day including cooking Thanksgiving Day Dinner and Thanksgiving Day decorating ideas

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