Help! The burner on my electric stove is always on high!

Question: Help! I have an electric stove and for the past few days my burner won’t turn off. It got extremely hot and stayed that way even when I turned the dial to “off”. I even tried unplugging it and then plugging it back in and it just started right back up to the highest setting? How do I fix this?

Answer: Sounds like that heating element’s (surface burner) infinite switch burned out. The infinite switch controls the supply of power to the heating element. It can provide heat from a variety of temperatures from low, medium, or high and everything in-between, hence its name since it has an “infinite” number of settings. This is different from a “Low-Medium-High” switch which only has three settings. Typically when this part breaks, it will cause the burners not to heat or to only heat on the highest setting.

Caution! Be sure to unplug your appliance from all power sources BEFORE performing any repairs!

The infinite switch part is found in the control panel of your electric stove and you can typically access it through removing the back panel part of your standard eclectic stove. This part has a number of wires you need to remove in order to replace the switch, be sure to label the wires properly so you can reconnect them to the new switch. Your part typically comes with very basic instructions on how to replace this part.

You can also test the infinite switch part to be sure it is the cause of your burner problems. Set the infinite switch to its highest setting. Use an ohmmeter or multimeter to test for continuity on the L2, H2, P and H1 terminals of the infinite switch. If there is no continuity, then the infinite switch part is defective.

Buy Infinite switch parts online.

3 thoughts on “Help! The burner on my electric stove is always on high!

  1. Very helpful. Article helped me fix my Sears 790.95751990 glass-top range having same problem I now feel I’m independent of Sears (and extended warranties) for problems like this.

    Thank you!

  2. I have a Whirlpool glass top electric stove. First the little burner inside the one big burner stopped working. Now all the burners only burn on high even when they are set to low. Model WFE361LVD. Everything I try to cook burns.Help

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