Modular, portable fridge wins 2008 design contest

A modular refrigerator that can be stacked, disconnected, and easily carried to a new residence like a suitcase, won top honors in Electrolux’s Design Lab 2008 competition.

Austrian design student Stefan Buchberger’s, “Flatshare, an appliance of the future,” is a refrigerator comprised of four stackable mini refrigerators and was designed with shared living conditions in mind. The smaller stackable fridge compartments allow roommates to have individual fridge space, allowing them to keep their fridge as clean or as messy as they would like.

The components can also be customized with colorful skins and accessories like a bottle opener. I did not find anything written about whether a lock was one of the “accessories” that could be added to the fridge, but personally I think it would be a good idea.

Some of the other finalists from the Electrolux Design Lab 2008 included:

  • A portable toaster that can hook up to your computer allowing you to prints news, weather, and photos onto slices of toast called “Scan Toaster.”
  • A filing-cabinet sized combination fridge, hot plate, dish drawer, and eating surface called “Drawer Kitchen.”
  • A bag that uses the power of movement to cool its content called “E-bag.”

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