Using an ohmmeter will help you fix your appliance

An Ohmmeter is an electronic device which measures resistance in an electronic component or circuit. This tool can help you test the electrical path (or continuity) of an appliance part. In many do-it-yourself repairs on appliances, steps call for the use of an Ohmmeter or Multimeter (or multi-tester) to test a suspected faulty appliance part. Owning an Ohmmeter will help you determine for sure that a part is indeed bad and can save you time and money during your repairs.

Ohmmeters come in analog and digital form with the digital form having an “autorange” reading function that will read the resistance of your part and determine the correct range automatically. If you are using an
analog Ohmmeter, which is recommended for novices, you will need to manually set the Ohmmeter while testing your part.

Check out the following articles for detailed-step-by-step help on how to use an Ohmmeter:

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