Manufacturers design appliances for aging baby boomers

Here is an interesting story from the Wall Street Journal; appliance makers are retooling their appliance designs in order to become easier to use for the aging baby boomer population.

Appliance manufacturers such as General Electric, Whirlpool, Bosch and Siemens AG are developing more “senior-friendly” appliances in expectation of the growing demand for such appliances by the aging baby boomer population.

The designs are geared toward people with limitations or reductions in hearing, sight, and mobility often associated with aging. GE, for example, is designing ovens with easier to open doors and automatic shut-off burners. Whirlpool is offering washing machines with larger knobs and machines that play chimes to indicate different washing temperature and other settings.

Appliance manufacturers are also hoping to buoy slumping sales and revenue by attracting aging baby boomers to their products. The baby boomers population “control the biggest share of purchasing power for the roughly $25 billion U.S. appliance market,” according to an article in the Wall Street Journal.

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