How to dispose of your old appliance

If you have an old appliance that is still in working order here are some ideas on how to get rid of it.

Sell It

List your appliance for sale using Craigslist, eBay, or use your local newspaper’s classifieds.


If your appliance is in good working order, call the local branch of these nation-wide charities to see if they will accept your appliance. Some offer pickup, but others do not. Also, be sure to check out their website or ask about any “requirements” on the appliance you would like to donate (example: Your appliance must be less than 10 years old.)

Freecycle is an online list serve of people offering things for, you guessed it, free. It allows people to post items they are offering for free and people seeking items they would like. Most people push their item to the curb and then give out their address for people to swing by and pick it up. Others offer the item up on the free to join listserve and then make arrangements with the individuals contacting them by e-mail. Website:

If your appliance is not working, here are some suggestions on how to dispose of your old, broken appliance:

Trash It

Contact your local government or the company that runs your local sanitation service to see if they will pick up your old appliance. Some sanitation services only pick up large or bulky items during designated times, so be sure to check or ask before pushing your appliance out to the curb.

Sell it

Sell it to a scrap metal dealer. Contact the local dealers in your area either through an internet search or by looking for scrap metal dealers in the phone book. Some dealers require you to surrender all pieces of your appliance over to them in order for the sale to go through, so be sure to talk to them first before you remove any items from your old appliance.

Pay for it to be hauled away

A number of organizations and businesses will, for a fee, haul away your old appliance for you. A simple internet search should provide information for such businesses in your area.

Obviously, the best deal you can get is to either make money off the sale of your old, broken appliance or to have the store where you purchased your new appliance, include the removal of your old appliance for free.

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