Get organized with freezer shelves

Freezer Shelves part number WX57X945, Measure approximately 4" x 13" x 13.5" Price: $28.00

If you are tired of your freezer looking like a disorganized mess, I suggest purchasing some freezer shelves. The two stackable, odor and stain-resistant shelves picture here, fit in most freezers and will help you to become better organized. The shelves will help to keep your food from becoming a piled up mess, potentially blocking freezer vents that helps circulate air throughout your refrigerator. also carries a variety of refrigerator shelves as well. If one of your refrigerator shelves has broken, replace it with a new shelf. All you need is your refrigerator’s model number in order to find the correct shelf for your model. To locate your refrigerator’s model number, check out this model locator page.

Enter your model number into’s part finder and you will be presented with diagrams and a part list. also carries other refrigerator replacement parts. We only carry new parts made by the manufacturer and carry all the biggest brand names including: Frigidaire, General Electric, Kenmore, Maytag, Whirlpool and many more. View all the brands we carry on our site, visit today.

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