APWagner.com, an appliance parts seller, launches new website

AP Wagner, a distributor selling new, brand name appliance parts and appliance accessories to the consumer, has launched a new website this week.

Appliance Parts seller, APWagner.com, launches a new website. Visit www.apwagner.com
Appliance Parts seller, APWagner.com, launches a new website. Visit http://www.apwagner.com

The website, http://www.apwagner.com/ offers easier navigation, larger photos, and more ways than ever to quickly find the correct appliance part you need.

In addition to the new look, APWagner.com has added thousands of photos of appliance parts and enhanced the listings for thousands of appliance parts on their site.

Since AP Wagner also supplies the parts for many professional appliance repair businesses, it has invited the owners and experienced repair technicians to answer your appliance repair questions on its newly launched forum.

“This is a very exciting development that will help our customers with their appliance repair questions,” said Marketing Director Mike Taggart. “Using our internal resources, such as employees and professional appliance repair members, combined with knowledgeable do-it-yourselfers from the internet, we hope our forums will become a valuable source for appliance repair help. “

The Appliance Repair Forum can be accessed by visiting: http://appliancerepair.apwagner.com/ . The forums are free to use and view, and people can ask and answer questions related to appliance repair and appliance parts once they register, which is also free.

The update will not affect user accounts in any way and current customers will still be able to use their account’s log in and password to find, view, and purchase appliance parts in the same manner as the old site. However, the new site hopes to further help consumers confused about finding the correct part for their appliance.

Just a few of the many appliance parts and brands APWagner.com sells on their website.
Just a few of the many appliance parts and brands APWagner.com sells on their website.

“We have highlighted and brought forth many of the tools that AP Wagner possesses in order to help consumers find the part they are looking for,” said Taggart. “We have spotlighted our repair information and appliance diagrams, added appliance part search tips, and forums to our website.”

Help finding Appliance Parts

Appliance Repair information, answers to common appliance repair problems

Find an appliance part

Search tips for finding the correct appliance part

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