Presenting the human washing machine

The human washing machine – sounds like the name of a football player or boxer – someone that can clean your clock, but it’s not, it’s an actual uhm, human washing machine.

The Avant Santelubain 999 human washign machine
The Avant Santelubain 999 human washign machine

I guess showering and bathing are too much for some people, so the fine folks at Avant Beauty Machine and Natural Cosmetics have come up with a contraption that is part washer, part coffin, designed to wash the body and can also provide the encapsulated occupant with a steam treatment, “Sound Therapy,” Aromatherapy, a seaweed treatment and body lotion along with a few other options which sound strange and not exactly safe. What exactly is a “Far Infrared Heat & Steam?”

Only the body is covered in the appliance, the head part is left free, sort of like a reverse cat scan. I guess submerging one’s head into the human washer would be both dangerous and terrifying, but then that still leaves the perplexing problem of how to get one’s hair clean? Keep an eye on Avant; they might have a solution to that problem soon.

But seriously, it seems like the machine does have some practical applications, as pointed out by a blog post for CNET Asia.

“Despite the foreign-sounding name, this cleaning machine is made in Japan and actually has altruistic uses for those who are either bedridden or handicapped,” writes Juniper Foo on the CNET Blog post about the Avant Santelubain 999.

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