Appliance makers recruit bloggers to test their appliances

Appliance makers are finding a new way to connect with consumers – through bloggers, more accurately mommy blogs.

Frigidaire recently delivered brand-new appliances to the homes of a select groups of bloggers. The bloggers will using the new appliances for several months in their home and blogging about them. The claim by Frigidaire is that their new line of appliances with new time-saving features will help moms reduce the time they spend on household chores by up to eight hours per month.

Some bloggers received one new Frigidaire appliance to “test drive,” such as a dishwasher, washer and dryer, refrigerator, range and microwave and a select group of bloggers, dubbed the “Super Test Drive Team,” received  all six appliances to try out.

To find out how the real-life moms are digging their new appliances, check out their blogs online. You can also follow the test drive on Twitter, hashtag #FrigidaireTeam.

I checked out a few of the selected bloggers and so far, nothing has been written about the new appliances. I do not know if they have actually received their Frigidaire appliances yet, and the only announcements I could find from a few of the blogs I checked out was that they were selected and excited about receiving their new appliance.

Receiving a new appliance can be exciting, even if it is only temporary. I wonder if Frigidaire will offer them the possibility of purchasing the new appliance after having tried it out for several months? I can’t imagine wanting to give up a new appliance.

How to follow the Frigidaire Blogger Test Drive

Interested in becoming part of an appliance test drive? Contact Market Reader Pro®, a company that does marketing research for major corporations and take a survey to be part of their new appliance test group.

“Selected participants will use the cooking appliances in their home for three to eight months and will be asked to provide feedback through online surveys and interviews. Participants will, of course, be paid for their time and opinions. New cooking appliance product testing will include using state-of-the-art cooktops, ovens, and ranges in your own home. Some studies may also include testing and preparing a provided set of recipes using the test appliance.”

One thought on “Appliance makers recruit bloggers to test their appliances

  1. That is a great idea Frigidiare has. I think Frigidaire should let the blogger moms keep these appliances they are testing.

    Why would Frigidaire want a good used working appliance sent back to them?

    This will be interesting to see how this pans our for Frigidaire and the mommy bloggers.

    Thanks for posting this information.


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