Appliance Repair Questions?

Is your washing making a strange thumping noise?  Does your refrigerator not stay cold?  Why isn’t your dryer turning on?  For these questions and more visit AP Wagner’s Appliance Repair Forum for knowledgeable answers.  For best results know your appliance model number.  AP Wagner has been a trusted source for appliance parts since 1928!  Right answers, right parts, right away!

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5 thoughts on “Appliance Repair Questions?

  1. I have a Maytag top load washer, model number A9600. brake is making loud squeaking noise at the end of the spin cycle as well as clack clack sound during agitation. what would happen if i removed the whole brake assembly completely? Would the spin just keep going until it slowed and came to a stop? Would the machine still work ?

    • Hi mikeylikesit,

      I saw that Jeff answered this question on our repair forum, but I thought I would provide a response here for other readers.

      If you removed the brake assembly entirely, the washer would not work as the tub assembly would drop down and bind, no spin would occur, lower 1/2 of the tranny is held in place by the brake package as well.

  2. what if i took out the guts of the brake assembly and re-installed just the casing to keep geometry the same, would the washer work? my problem is that i don’t want to spend 150 bucks to fix a 22 yr old machine if the brake isn’t the only proble. i know the loud squeking sound is the brake but the clack-clack sound during agitation only sounds like maybe tranny problem. i replaced the pads last year . i think i could remove the brake without the brake tool but a tranny problem would be at the limits of my ability. i have called a couple of appliance repair companies here in MTL but they say replace the machine because it would be too expensive to repair, i love this machine it has served me well for 22 yrs.

  3. Hi mikeylikesit,

    It won’t work without the brake assembly, sorry. 😦

    I do understand your dedication to this machine; truly, they don’t make ’em like they use to.

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