Icemaker not working? Replacement Icemakers

Summer is here, and there is nothing better then a refreshing drink and fresh ice.  The only problem is your icemaker isn’t working?!?  Maybe it’s time to replace it.  AP Wagner offers a variety of Icemaker repair kits.  Here is just one great model that AP Wagner sells.

Icemaker Kit Misc 4317943

  • 8-cube icemaker replacement kit
  • Used on factory-installed icemakers
  • Flat-style plug with 3 adapters to fit all connections
  • Design allows for the ability to reuse the harness
  • Works on Whirlpool, Roper, Kitchen Aid, Kenmore, as well as many other brands of refrigerators
  • Kit includes:
    • 2 arms
    • Mounting hardware
    • Wire connectors
    • Instructions

AP Wagner has been a trusted source for appliance parts since 1928!

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