Replacing your clothes dryer belt

Question: I’m trying to replace the belt on my electric dryer. I am unsure of which way to thread it on the pulley/tensioner system. The piece that comes from the center of the motor is directly under the bigger piece attached to the spring which I believe is the tensioner.

The tensioner is on an inverted V shaped piece of metal with the spring on the left as viewed from the back of the dryer through the access place.

I don’t want to guess wrong as it looks like it could go either way, but I’m sure it must have a proper direction to go.

Answer: Here’s a handy diagram that shows different clothes dryer drum and belt configurations. Choose the one that looks right for your clothes dryer. Thanks and credit goes to Jeff at Appliance Aid, repair tips and appliance repair help and JR Appliance Repair and Service in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Even though Montgomery Ward is no longer around, GE or some other Manufacturer made the Montgomery Ward Clothes Dryer which is in your possession. We carry replacement parts for Montgomery Ward Clothes Dryers and other appliances.

Enter your clothes dryer model number in our appliances parts look up and you will be presented with a list of replacement parts suitable for your clothes dryer.

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