Range Kleen Burner Kover Sets

New Hallmark licensing patterns on decorative Burner Kover sets by Range Kleen. The new decorative Burner Kovers come in four individual patterns, Fruit Explosion, Poppies (shown right), Rooster, and Coffee. The new Burner Kovers have been added to the current line that is available here at AP Wagner. AP Wagner also offers the following Range Kleen Burner Kovers designs: Basket Collection, Ivy Basket, Home Sweet Home, Picket Fence, Ripe From The Vine, and Sunflower. In addition plain red and black Burner Kovers are available here at AP Wagner. The decorative Burner Kover sets are designed for electric ranges and consist of 4 covers, 2 small, and 2 large.

Burner covers provide functionality and are esthetically pleasing to the eye. Range Kleen Burner Kovers will tie your decor together alongside other decorative pieces in your kitchen. Burner covers hide messy burners that need cleaning. AP Wagner offers a large selection of cooktop cleaners. They generally come in a pack of four for electric stove tops.

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