Is your oven ready for holiday cooking? Make sure it can bake

What to do if your oven won’t bake

Your oven has probably been lying dormant all summer. Make sure your oven is working so it can cook all those tasty holiday meals and treats.  Here are some common reasons why gas and electric ovens do not bake and how to fix them.

Gas oven does not bake.

Check the timer controls. An automatic cycle setting could be preventing the oven from lighting. If you have an electronic display, try unplugging the oven to reset the controls.

Most gas oven systems today use an electronic ignition to ignite the gas flame in your oven.  An electric current will pass through the ignitor and the ignitor in turn allows the gas safety valve to open. It does this by heating an internal piece of bimetal to open the gas valve.

Most times when an oven won’t bake, it’s because the bake ignitor has gotten weak or it’s just burned out. The ignitor is a small round or rectangular device located near the burner. The ignitor is wired in series with the gas safety valve.

If this ignitor is weak or burned out, it won’t heat enough to lower its resistance to the point where the bi-metal strip gets enough electricity to heat up and allow the gas safety valve to open, and it will not release gas to the burner assembly. When this happens, you may have to replace either the ignitor or the gas safety valve. Many times it’s the ignitor that is to blame, and cheaper to replace.

Gas Ignitors come in two basic types, ‘flat’ and ‘round’, and these parts are not interchangeable, so make sure you are ordering the correct part for your oven. You can do this by looking up parts by your Gas Oven’s Model number. The part list will show you the correct parts you need for your particular gas oven model.

Electric oven does not bake

Check the controls and make sure the delay-cook or delay-start options are not running. Some ovens have a lock-out feature and the oven will not work until this feature is unselected.

The most common reason for an oven not to bake is that the heating element is burned out. Check the bake element for continuity with an Ohm meter or simply look at the terminal ends for signs of corrosion. Look for obvious signs of burning, bubbling, or blistering on the element itself and replace the bake element if you see any signs of damage. A properly working element glows cherry red.

Read more about why electric ovens do not bake online here:

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