Introducing Frigidaire’s New Portable Induction Cooker

Frigidaire introduces a new portable induction cooker that offers a safe and precise cooking experience for small spaces where counter space is at a premium.

Cook great meals anywhere with Frigidaire’s New Portable Induction Cooker!
Cook great meals anywhere with Frigidaire’s New Portable Induction Cooker! On sale for $149.99 from AP Wagner!

Wildly popular in Europe, this induction cooker is similar to traditional hotplate burners in terms of size and shape. However, because it cooks using induction technology the surface of the cooker never gets hot. There are no carcinogenic fumes or open flames to worry about which makes it safe for family gatherings (especially around children) and for small, closed cooking spaces like boats, yachts, and basements.

How does it work?
In the process of induction cooking, electricity powers an induction coil located under the burner’s surface. When the proper cookware is used — iron, enamel and some stainless steel — creating a magnetic field between the surface of the element and cookware placed on the burner’s surface. The burner element itself does not produce heat, the heat is actually produced by the pot or pan itself through eddy currents generated within the metal. If the field is broken, i.e. by the pan being removed, the current ceases to exist and heat is stopped immediately.

Using induction technology is a more energy efficient as less energy is lost to heat transfer from burner to pan to food. Because the induction cooker requires no warm up time it can quickly boil water and prepare food. Its tap touches electronics and six power levels allows for a precise and controlled cooking experience.

The induction cooker uses 110 voltages, so it works in any standard North American outlet. The ceramic plate and no-heat surface makes cleaning easy and its 10 ¼”diameter cooking area means it accommodates nearly all magnetic-bottom cookware in the U.S. and Canada.

The induction cooker works** with cookware made with a magnetic bottom and works well with stainless steel, iron, and enamel cookware and this cooker comes with a simple magnet in order to test cook ware for proper use. For further safety, this cooker features an automatic pan sensor which detects improper cookware when used on it, giving off an audible beep warning.

Portable Induction Cooker Specifications:
· 110V
· UL approved
· 120 to1300 watts range – Quickly boils water, keeps foods warm (sauces, soups, dips, chocolate)
· Tap touch electronics
· Six power levels
· 10 ¼”diameter cooking area – Fits nearly all cookware in the US/Canada
· Child lock out
· 180 minute timer
· Automatic pan sensor – Detects and gives an audible beep if improper cookware is used on it.
· Comes with a simple magnet in order to test cook ware for proper use.

** Do not use aluminum, glass, or ceramic cook ware with this cooker.

For more information on induction cooking or to order your induction cooker visit

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