Protect Your Home with a Dryer Vent Alarm

It’s estimated that clothes dryers are the cause of over 15,000 fires every year. As lint builds up inside  a dryer’s exhaust vent, a blockage can result in insufficient airflow, causing the dryer to overheat. This can ignite the lint and cause a fire.

A blockage or clog can also happen when lint get’s into your dryer venting system. This can cause your dryer to run longer, work harder and possibly overheat. 

DrySafer helps to detect insufficient airflow in your dryers exhaust ducts.

DrySafer is a Dryer Vent Alarm that helps detect insufficient airflow inside of your dryer’s exhaust ducts.  It fits easily onto the back of your dryer and monitors your dryer’s airflow.

If the airflow in your dryer drops below a safe level, the dryer vent alarm will sound, alerting you to danger.

DrySafer is an added piece of mind to protect your home, pets and belongings.

For more information or to purchase about DrySafer, visit AP

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