Appliance Stimulus Update: Oregon, North Carolina and South Carolina

North Carolina

Last Thursday, the North Carolina Energy Office proposed giving 15% rebates to North Carolinians who buy Energy Star appliances for a select four day period in April 2010.

The proposed rebate would be an instant reduction of the price at the cash register on refrigerators, freezers, clothes washers and dishwashers.

The rebate savings will depend on the cost of the appliance, but rebates are expected to range between $50 and $250.

For now it’s just waiting on the o.k. from the U.S. Department of Energy, which is expected to come shortly.


The appliance stimulus is turning into a heating stimulus in Oregon.  The state has decided to provide efficient heating systems for low-income homeowners rather than rebates to people buying low-energy dishwashers, refrigerators and similar appliances.

The state’s proposal is to use its federal stimulus money to provide a 70% instant rebate to low-income homeowners who purchase energy efficient heating equipment. 

This new 70% rebate would go along with a 30% rebate from the state of Oregon’s Department of Housing and Community Services, giving eligible homeowners a 100% rebate.

The state is hoping that by using the stimulus money in this way, they can recycle approximately 1,800 nonfunctioning and low efficiency furnaces.

More information about Oregon’s proposed plan can be found here.

South Carolina

The South Carolina program will kick off sometime in March or April.  It will offer between $50 and $500 rebates at the point of sale for consumers buying Energy Star energy-efficient appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, freezers, water heaters and heating and air conditioning systems.

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