Your Freezer Questions Answered

How do I clean my freezer’s condenser and evaporator coils?

You can use a condenser coil brush to clean the coils.   Because the coils exchange heat, any dust, lint, or dirt on them cuts down its ability to exchange heat.

It’s recommended that you clean the coils at least twice a year, and more often if you have pets. A good way to remember is to clean them when the time changes, spring forward or fall back, or clean them when you do spring and holiday cleaning.

Why is the freezer leaking?

If you see water leaking from the freezer, check the drain tube and pan. Maybe the freezer is in a defrost cycle and the evaporation drip pan is overflowing.

How cold does my freezer need to be?

The operating temperature range of most residential freezers is between -10F and +10F. The optimum temperature of the freezer is between 0F and 5F. You can check the temperatures in the freezer with the MA-RT1 thermometer, available on our site. We also carry a Freezer Alarm with Battery to warn you if your frozen foods are in danger of thawing.

If your freezer is not quite cool enough, adjust the thermostat one increment cooler on the dial and wait 24 hours for the temperature to stabilize. If it is a little too cool, adjust it one increment warmer and wait 24 hours for the temperature to stabilize.

How often should I defrost my manual defrost freezer?

You should defrost your manual defrost freezer when the ice gets about a ½ inch thick.

Can I pack my freezer too full?

Every time you open the freezer door, you let warm air in. By keeping a lot of frozen food in the freezer, which some people call ballast, it helps the compressor to not have to work as hard as it has to if it’s nearly empty. We suggest you keep your freezer at least half full, but not jam packed because you want the freezer cabinet air to circulate.

For more freezer questions and answers, visit our FAQ page.

For freezer maintenance tips, visit our maintenance page.

To understand how freezers work, visit our Repair Center.

8 thoughts on “Your Freezer Questions Answered

    • if they have work on the coiling before then she should take it to the specified technician to amend the hole but if they have not worked on the coiling then they have to recoil it again with copper

  1. Your friend scraping the ice or frost from the freezer may have ruptured a line in the evaporator coil. The “gas” that was leaking, was the refrigerant.

    The compressor is still probably alright, as it should be protected by a low pressure switch that will shut the system down when refrigerant pressure levels drop to a point prior to compressor damage.

    The only thing that can be done, is for a refrigeration technician to locate the leak and recharge the system with the necessary amount of refrigerant and the corresponding refrigerant oil.

    The cost of a technician to trouble shoot and repair the system will be at least $250 or more. Depending on the fair market value of the freezer, it may be more cost effective to dispose of the freezer and buy a replacement. Take into account how old and efficient the freezer is and the energy saving your friend will achieve with a newer, more energy efficient model.

    Tell your friend to call several HVAC/R repair shop and get numerous repair estimates for an evaporator leak repair and system re-charge. Tell your friend to be as descriptive as possible and to get a rough estimate over the phone. Most HVAC/R repair shops will avoid an over the phone estimate as they would rather come out to the customer’s location, where they charge for the trouble shooting call, where the customer without knowledge of HVAC/R, usually go along with the technician’s recommendations, where the customer may end up paying more for the repair than the unit is worth.

    HVAC/R repairs are never inexpensive or cheap. The usual mark up on parts and refrigerant are usually at least 3 times the repair shop’s cost! Not only do you pay for the high labor rates, but you are paying out the nose for parts and refrigerant.

  2. i have a Westinghouse Uprigh Deep Freezer, but is non auto defrost.But it get too much ice jammed shelves,dooors.Can i switch it off once a week and then restart it so al the ice does not jammed selves doors. or do i have ti switch once amonth


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