Fix It: The Freezer is Not Freezing, The Fridge is Not Cold

I recently came across this post in our appliance repair forum, and thought it may help some of you out.

Q: “Ok, so the ice maker has been leaking for about 2 years now, just an inconvenience. Today, freezer is thawing out, fridge at 70′.  Took a hair dryer to back inside of freezer, seems like a lot of ice melted.  Fan seems to be running more than before.”

“I have seen that the ice maker water valve needs replacing. Is that it, or do I need to remove the inside of the freezer compartment and replace all those parts too?”

“I have it plugged back in for about an hour now.  Freezer getting cold, nothing in fridge compartment/ any suggestions would be appreciated. It’s 8 years old.”

One of our regular posters, applianceman, generously offered this advice:

A: “When you tried to defrost it with the hair dyer did you remove the back panel of the freezer? If not you need to go back and remove it and melt all the ice behind it (if there is any).”

“You say the ice maker is leaking but is it leaking in the freezer or in the floor? If it is leaking in the freezer the water from the ice maker may have leaked on the coils, froze and blocked airflow. If this seems to be the case melt all the ice, clean out the tube that feeds the ice maker water and replace the ice maker.”

“If the ice that is on the coils didn’t seem to come from the ice maker you may have a defrost problem. Which would be the defrost control, defrost heater or defrost thermostat.”

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For additional information on freezer maintenance, questions or general information, visit our freezer information page.

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