VibeAway™ Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Pads

New from Whirlpool!  VibeAway™ washing machine anti-vibration pads are engineered to reduce the noise, vibration and pulsation that can occur with household washers.

VibeAway Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Pads
VibeAway™ anti-vibration pads help to reduce the vibration and noise of household washers


VibeAway™ pads are made from 100% recycled tire rubber, addressing important environmental concerns and problems facing the planet today.

The shock absorption pad works not just on washing machines, but dryers, table saws, freezers and other large appliances. VibeAway™ pads prevent washing machines from “walking,” and help prolong the life of your washing machine, dryer or other appliance while reducing the need to reinforce upper level floors to reduce vibration and noise.

  • Engineered to reduce noise, vibration, pulsation, and maintenance cost
  • Prevents washing machines from “walking”
  • Protect floors
  • Made from 100% recycled tire rubber, address important environmental concerns
  • Recessed for easy guidance for foot of washing machine/dryer
Find VibeAway™ at
Part #  W10287227RM
Sale Price: $26.99
Compare at: $32.79
You Save: $5.80

One thought on “VibeAway™ Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Pads

  1. Good post. I am looking to buy such anti vibration pad. So this post provided nice information about it. The pad seems to be good option from damage to the machine and long-life of it. Thanks buddy for great post. Cheers.

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