Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmastime is here! 

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift?  Here are some ideas:

Christmas gift ideas for the cook:KitchenAid Mixer Attachements

KitchenAid Mixer Accessories and Attachments: Any cook will love the juicer attachment, the food grinder attachment or the Vegetable Slicer / Shredder Attachment.  There are also many more attachments to choose from.

Christmas gift ideas for the camper, the tailgater, the college student, or even for Grandma

The Portable Induction Cooker from Frigidaire.  This new lightweight, Induction Cookereasy to carry electric cooker is the perfect gift for campers and tailgaters.  It cooks quickly and efficiently, doesn’t take up a lot of space. 

Induction cooking is a non-contact method of heating which is flameless with no heated surface, so there is no heat build-up and no carcinogenic fumes in your cooking environment.  No flame or fire prevents any possible burns caused by conventional hot plates. The cooktop never gets warm, it’s safe to touch while on, which makes it perfect for college students living the dorm life as well as the elderly.

Christmas Gifts for Him

AP Wagner has a complete selection of Tools, Cool Flashlights, 100 Bits in a BoxMeters and more.  Our top guy gift pick is 100 Bits in a Box. It is essential for repairs in the home, industry, and auto.  Adaptable for screwdriver, electric drill, and socket wrench.

Another great gift idea is the Portable Modular Storage Parts Bin.  With 18 transparent compartments, it’s great for use as a space saver!   It can bePortable Modular Storage Parts Bin separated into two 9 unit stackable racks.  It is made of durable polypropylene plastic.  

Not only is this a great gift for the tool lovers in your life, it’s also a great gift for scrapbookers.  It’s the perfect accessory to keep buttons, clips and all of the fun little scrapbook items in.

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