How to prevent your air conditioner from dying during the summer

If there is one maintenance tip you should take to heart during the hot summer months it’s this – be sure to change or clean your air conditioner’s filter once a month; more if you live in a hot climate.

According to an article from the Austin Statesman, “Want a cool house? Little things can help your air conditioner” not changing your air conditioner’s filter can lead to a major meltdown.

A dirty filter can lead to “Icing inside the unit, which can lead to potential flooding if the unit shuts down. You end up paying hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars on plain old maintenance you could have done by yourself,” says Stan Johnson Jr. of Stan’s Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. in the Austin Statesman.

Some other tips from the Austin Stateman Article includes:

  • Have your air conditioner services and cleaned once a year which helps clean dirt off of the coils. Dirty coils restrict air flow and makes your air conditioner run longer, using more energy and leading to higher utility bills.
  • Keep the grass trimmed around your unit and do not plant bushes or plants around the unit, it can inhibit hot air from dissipating from the unit.

For more tips, read the article “Want a cool house? Little things can help your air conditioner”

For online free air conditioner repair help, visit You can also purchase replacement air conditioner parts there as well including filters, knobs, panels, switches and more.

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