Clean Your Washing Machine This Spring

Affresh HE Washer Cleaner
Affresh HE Washer Cleaner. Sale Price: $5.99.

Your washing machine is counted on to clean your garments and linens. When does your washer get to receive the same clean feeling? Affresh Washer Cleaner specially designed for high efficiency washing machines will make your unit happy. Affresh is recommended by Whirlpool, Maytag, and Amana.

  • Affresh washer cleaner removes the root cause of bad odors.
  • Slow dissolving, foaming tablet that gets underneath built-up residues, breaks it down into small particles, and then washes the residues away.
  • Will leave your washer and clothes clean and smelling fresh.
  • Place one tablet in the empty wash basket and run a normal cycle or a clean cycle.
  • Environmentally safe product that is safe on septic tanks, and is safe for your washer components.
  • 3 tablets per package.

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