“SHIELD” Bill Would Police Lawsuits

“Superhero” bill will fight frivolous lawsuits

A bi-partisan bill that was proposed last week, in the House of U.S. Representatives, seeks to protect high-tech original equipment manufacturers from patent “trolls.” Also, let it be noted that the bill, “Saving High-Tech Innovators from Egregious Disputes,” or SHIELD, has the same acronym as the secret organization “SHIELD” that was the central group in this summer’s movie hit, “The Avengers.” Coincidence? Or have we finally seen a realization that our country’s representatives’ doings will be much more interesting if they parallel superhero exploits?

Either way, there is an indisputable wave of proposed actions against those trying to stand in the way of job creation and the development of new products, especially in the wake of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s proposed tariff on those companies who help promote “dumping.” We are seeing an increased policing of frivolous activity in the industrial world and this trend is one that could continue.

The focal point of any proposed bill or issue still needs to remain how this affects the American consumer. Will this increased policing have a positive effect upon those that support American manufacturing? Or is there simply no stopping the impact that the global economy will have and the looming despair that seems to hang over American manufacturing and job creation? Also, let us not forget that decisions and proposed bills such as “SHIELD” warrant a close watch because they, at any moment, can affect leading producers like Whirlpool, Samsung, Electrolux and the like. Complacency can be a dangerous luxury and watching how the industrial market and our lawmakers interact can prove to be quite informative and useful.

Maybe it is a comedic stroke of charm that this new bill is labeled “Shield” because Americans always need to feel that they are protected and secure, and that their future is in the hands of American champions for justice. It is often forgotten that the companies that supply our most basic parts are essential to the infrastructure of our economy. This type of infrastructure warrants protecting and we will need a “SHIELD” to help protect this.

Coincidence? Or “superhero” justice?

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