Robot Manufacturing Here to Stay?

Manufacturing is on its way back, but at what cost?

Bottom line, American manufacturing leaves much to be desired and has for some time. Fortunately, there is talk of a revival in the U.S. manufacturing market, a revival for the ages. A revival that will make everyone happy, except that they will be watching this revival from the sidelines. The time has come for fictional robots, like Star Wars “R2-D2,” to take over assembly level jobs and there seems to be nothing we can do to stop it. Times are changing, folks, so strap in…

It may seem rather odd that robots and robotic technology are being discussed in an appliance blog, however the truth remains that robots have arrived and they are here to stay, which leaves humans jobless on the assembly line. Essentially, robotic technology has advanced far enough to replace assembly line workers in all facets. Specifically, robots have made an impact already in the area of distribution, which can be troublesome for human workers due to obtuse objects and poor lighting that can get in the way. However, with inventions like Microsoft’s “Kinect,” robots have the technological capacity to anticipate random objects that are difficult to see and adjust accordingly to poor lighting, while not needing any outside assistance.

There is a sense of impending doom looming over some workers, which was the case in Tolleson, AZ, where 60 union workers went to their city council to protest the construction of an automated grocery store. This store would dramatically boost production rates but would put many out of jobs in the area. Is this somewhat minor incident a precursor of things to come? Will more unions be protesting the construction of all things automated? Is technology quickly becoming our greatest achievement while simultaneously becoming our future downfall? Will producers, such as Samsung and Whirlpool, be employing a machine in place of humans, in the future?

We bring this article to you again, the consumers, with whom all power will always lie. If we continue to walk down the path of advancement, we will eventually see a trend that seems fictional right now, yet will become quite real. Stay sharp, folks, what seems like fantasy can become reality sooner than we ever expect….

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