Microwave Maintenance for You or Your College Kid

You can always tell it’s almost time for class to start up again when the television blares nonstop “back to school” commercials.  They tell us that we need backpacks, notebooks, desktops, laptops, but while the commercials tell you what to buy, they don’t tell you what you need to maintain!

To get back into the groove of “back to school” let’s talk about what your children (and maybe even you) need to do to maintain appliances and save money on repairs and replacements.

One of the most commonly used kitchen appliances – besides the coffee maker during finals week – is the microwave.  A lot of students just throw a Hot Pocket into the microwave, push a few buttons and, after the cheesy and gooey snack is ready, they never look back.

Whether your child is on their own for the first time or a hardened college survivor, microwave awareness will help keep money in your pocket and your kids (and their dorm or house microwave) safe.

Equip your child and yourself with these five rules for the future of your microwave and peace of mind:

  • Clean the interior often to help ensure good microwave oven performance.
  • Wipe down the outside touch panels with a damp, soapy cloth. Rinse the cloth with fresh water and re-wipe to remove leftover soap.
  • Do not heat food with foil wrapping. Use paper towels or microwave safe lids to cover foods.
  • Never use metal containers to heat foods in the microwave.
  • Never run the microwave empty. You run the risk of damaging the components from feedback.

Regardless of brand, whether Whirlpool to Maytag to KitchenAid, microwaves have proved themselves worthy in this fast-paced time.

Don’t take this time-saving gadget for granted – maintain it and help it help you in your time of dire hunger need.

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