Whirlpool Still Crying Foul at “Un-Fair Play” of Competitors

Some time after Whirlpool filed an official complaint against competitors, “dumping” is still continuing and is now a major threat

I wish there was some way to put a positive spin on the practice of “dumping,” however this tactic, used in competitive selling of appliances, really has no sweet spin or happy ending but rather employs an “unhealthy” sense of competition and only serves to hurt the consumer in the end. For those caught unawares, “dumping” occurs when you have two or more producers competing for sales, but one will sell a product abroad for a ridiculously low price to steal customers and business away from the other producer. You may be thinking that lower prices means good news for you, however the opposite could not be more true.

Whirlpool claims to have been the victim of this for quite some time, and this time is not unique except that the potential costs are more apparent now than ever. Whirlpool understands that, despite its pushes to promote American manufacturing, everyone else might not always play as fair leaving prices undercut and consumers left wanting. I suppose that the true test for Whirlpool will be how long they can wait out this practice. Whirlpool’s major competitors have been accused of this practice for some time and Whirlpool knows that their accusations could possibly not yield any results that would benefit them.

This, then, leaves Whirlpool playing the “waiting game.” How long can Whirlpool last? If they can continue to hold out, then “dumping” will eventually hurt Whirlpool’s competitors and will allow for consumers to see that Whirlpool is engaging in practices that promote the interests of the consumers as well as the manufacturers.

Consumers, ASSEMBLE! It is now that matters most in product purchasing. However, terrible practices will continue to carry on if you do not take a stand. Remember, just because you may see cheap prices does not mean that those prices are meant to benefit you and only you. There is a price to pay for every price that is cut, and Whirlpool’s competitors are not focused on benefiting the American consumer. I urge you to pay your respects only to corporations that will pay you the proper respect.

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