GE Appliance Parts

Below is a list comprising some of our top selling GE appliance parts. We provide same day shipping for any part that is currently in stock.

GE Adapter
This is an adapter only and used with GWF filter and some older models with a Culligan filter system may need this adapter to make GWF filter mount properly.

GE SmartWater GSWF Filter
Fits the newest GE refrigerators including model numbers GTS18KHP, GTS18SHP, GTS22KHP, GTH22SHP, PTS22LHP, PTS22SHP, PTS25LHP, PTS25SHP, PDS20MCP, PDS20SCP, PDS22MCP, PDS22SCP, among others. You should replace your GE SmartWater GSWF refrigerator water filter every 750 gallons, six months or if your water has a bad taste or odor, whichever comes first. Order spares and save even more.

GE GXRTDR Inline Water Filter
Filter reduces rust, sediment and the taste and odor of Chlorine to deliver clean, delicious water to your refrigerator and icemaker. This GE inline refrigerator filter features quick connect fittings to install easily behind your refrigerator, with no special tools required.

GE MSWF SmartWater Slim Fast Fill Replacement Water Filter
Filter reduces waterborne contaminants such as lead, crystosporidium and giardia – For use in GE bottom-mount and top-mount refrigerators featuring the refrigerator water filtration system

GE SmartWater MXRC Filter
GE MXRC FilterFilter reduces chlorine taste and odor, sediment, lead, cysts, and turbidity in your drinking water & ice.

GE RPWFE Water Filter Cartridge
The water filter cartridge is located in the fresh food interior on the left side wall, near the top.

GE WB01X10239 Halogen Lamp
Halogen lamp, 20 watt, 120 volt

GE WB02X10700 Charcoal Air Filter
Range hood charcoal air filter for grease and smoke, 10.5″ X 9″

GE WB02X10956 Charcoal Air Filter
Range hood charcoal air filter, size 4″ X 8 3/4″

GE WB2X2052 Grease Filter
Range hood grease filter, oval shaped, size 13/20″ X 4 1/2″

GE WB2X8228 Clip Receptacle
Surface burner terminal block kit, clip receptacle.

GE WB2X8391 Grease Filter
Range hood grease filter.

GE WB2X9719 Support Clip
Broiler heating element support clip.

GE WB2X9998  Oven Ignitor
Oven ignitor with leads 3.72″ long.

GE WB03K10216 Knob Minivalve
Knob minivalve used on GE, Hotpoint and some Kenmore ranges and ovens.

GE WB03K10286 Burner Knob
Stainless gas range burner knob.

GE WB03K10305 Burner Knob
Chrome gas range burner knob.

GE WB03T10025 Control Knob
Surface burner control knob, black.

GE WB03T10207 Control Knob
Surface burner control knob, white.

GE WB03T10217 Knob and Clip Assembly
Knob and clip assembly, black.

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