Oven won’t heat or heats unevenly? Your problem could be the oven’s thermostat

If your oven won’t heat or heats unevenly, your problem could be the oven’s thermostat. You will need to do some testing to make sure it is the thermostat that is faulty.

Here are some popular oven thermostats:

Frigidaire Gas Oven Thermostat

Part number 316032404

This oven thermostat works on Frigidaire Ovens, Tappan Ovens, Westinghouse Ovens, Gibson Ovens, and other brands.

Replaces the following part numbers:

  • 1109
  • 5303271464
  • 5303272103
  • AP2124416
  • PS437314

Price is $90.58

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If your oven is electric, check out this popular oven thermostat part for repairs or as a replacement part:

General Electric, Electric Oven Thermostat

Part number WB21X5208

Single Range Thermostat has a range of 150°F to 550°F, a capillary length of 45″, and is commonly found on ranges and ovens from GE and other manufacturers.


Thermostat does not have an “OFF” position. That function is controlled by the selector switch.

Older models may require installation mounting kit, part number WB2X6957.

Replaces the following part numbers:

  • 252524
  • AP2023593
  • GE WB21X5208
  • PS235954
  • WB20K5009
  • WB21X12
  • WB21X177
  • WB21X5211

Price is $99.95

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See more oven thermostats for both Gas and Electric Ovens at APWagner.com.

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